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The Importance of Level Floors


LEVEL MASTER’S patented screed system technology meets flooring manufacturer’s specifications, every time. Guaranteed! The job size is irrelevant: Small, medium, large: all are given the same expert treatment.

LEVEL MASTER has been certified in concrete preparation by the International Concrete Repair Institute of B.C. (ICRI). Our experience in leveling floors spans over 16 years. With our patented screed system, we can level any room in your home, office or retail space with results superior to any other technique.

Why is it important to level floors?

Leveling a concrete or plywood subfloor prior to installing any new flooring product is a
crucial step, one you cannot afford to skip. In the last 15 years, the sizes of wood and tile flooring have become larger, longer and thicker, resulting in surface requirements to be more stringent.

Hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate and tiles are designed to lie on a surface that’s completely flat. If the subfloor is wavy and unleveled, wood flooring will be forced to bend and alter it shape, causing the planks to warp, split, separate, with bumps in high areas, and a soft spongy effect in low areas. Tiles will not line up edge to edge, and may crack. Baseboards will have gaps at the bottom due to the even subfloor.

Every hardwood floor manufacturer requires a maximum flatness tolerance of 1/8″ (3 mm) per 10′ (3.048 metres). That means your subfloor must also meet these specifications. If not, then the warranty is likely to be voided if you attempt to make a claim to the manufacturer over defects.

Besides the warranty, floor leveling is important for many reasons:
– quality, durability, safety and comfort;
– your flooring will last significantly longer;
– the general appearance of your rooms with improve with level furniture and floors.

It is important to understand that wall-to-wall leveling is far superior to a ‘patch’ system, which will not result in a completely level floor.

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